Ama-Dog 3 lt Breeding Professionnal


  • Relief for Your Loyal Friend: Ama-Dog joint supplement harnesses the power of GLA to help support joints & cartilage and enhance mobility.
  • How It’s Different: Our exclusive dog supplement was developed by a renowned Swiss lab based on years of expertise in caring for working and rescue dogs.
  • Naturally Effective: 100% natural, Ama-Dog joint support for dogs is enriched with plant extracts and trace elements proven to promote canine health.
  • Supports Wellbeing, Too: Does your K-9 kid have anxiety due to joint pain? Our hip and joint supplement can lessen stress & improve your dog’s mood.
  • Not Just for Hips & Joints: Count on Ama-Dog to help support immune system function, stamina, kidney and liver health and more.
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